WFMD in Townsville

NQ Dry Tropics NRM, Thijs Krugers 

A big thank you to everyone who attended our World Fish Migration Day event at Kalamia Mill on Saturday morning. It was a great turn out and everyone had fun while learning important info about our natural environment.

The day started off with a tree planting session at Pioneer Mill, with help from Wilmar International staff, Lower Burdekin Landcare Association Inc, kids from Kalamia State School – Official, and community members. A total of 420 trees were planted by the creek. Over time, their roots will provide habitat for fish, and the shade they provide will cool the water temperature and help it retain oxygen, helping to prevent fish kills.

We also had demonstrations from HANDS ON WILDLIFE, and a tag and release of more than 200 barra fingerlings, with help from the Burdekin Fish Restocking Association. Attendees also learned about how fishways installed through our partnership with Lower Burdekin Water are helping fish move between freshwater and the ocean to breed. This work is part of our Systems Repair project, funded by Australian Department of the Environment and Energy.

We also gave away great prizes, including a fishing trip for 4 with Aussie Barra Charters, subscriptions to Fish & Boat Magazine, fishing rods and tackle boxes.

It was great to see so many kids getting involved with looking after natural resources. Looks as if our environment is in good hands for the future!

NQ Dry Tropics NRM

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Celebrating the Kyogle Fishway

Kyogle Council, Matt Sorenson

“Kyogle Council marked World Fish Migration Day today with an education day at the multi-award winning Kyogle Fishway.

Council teamed with Landcare, NSW Fisheries and the Kyogle Fishing Club to host the event which saw students from Kyogle Public School learn how the fishway was built and how it allows native fish, particularly the Australian bass and the Eastern freshwater cod, to cross the weir to spawn, feed and seek refuge in the upper reaches of the Richmond River.

The students also were given presentations on the general hydrologic cycle and the recently augmented Kyogle water supply system.”

1473_Australia2018 © Kyogle Council

Richmond Mullet Tour 2018

Ballina Fishermen’s Cooperative – Mullet Haul Crew, Patrick Dwyer

Some photos from the Ballina Mullet Haul Fishers Pre-Season Catchment Inspection in Australia. All photos / video taken by Patrick Dwyer.

Paddle the Clybucca

North Coast Local Land Services, Max Osborne

1578_Max Osborne



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