Great Britain

Unlocking the Severn

– A Journey up the Severn

©Unlocking the Severn

Through a series of videos released on our Facebook page during the day, filmed at important locations along the river, we will be sharing an insight into an epic fish migration journey up the Severn.  You’ll discover more about the work Unlocking the Severn is doing to re-open over 150 miles of river for rare and endangered species, including the twaite shad.

Journey up the Severn
– Monitoring salmon on the River Teme
©Unlocking the Severn

The River Teme is one of the major tributaries of the Severn and is just as important for migratory fish. For this virtual talk we’ll be joined by Ed Noyes from Severn Rivers Trust who will be telling us everything we need to know about salmon- from the issues they face, to the work being done to protect them on the Teme. We are also hoping to inspire some attendees to volunteer to help us monitor salmon at Ludlow this autumn.

– Unlocking the Severn for Shad

Over the last few months, Glimmer has been working with communities and groups along the River Severn to produce decorative scales and collect audio and visual recordings of people’s own experience and thoughts about the river.

©Unlocking the Severn

– River Kids’ Learning Hub
©Unlocking the Severn

Unlocking the Severn

The Wild Trout Trust

©Jonny Grey

Wendy Robinson

Trent Rivers Trust

Trent Rivers Trust

Trent Rivers Trust

Galloway Glens Landscape Partnership

Galloway Glens Landscape Partnership

The River Restoration Centre

Beneath British Waters


Environment Agency

South Cumbria Rivers Trust

Natural Resources Wales

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