Mahseer Trust celebrating migratory fish at many events in India

Derek Dsouza, Maseer Trust

India WFMD 2018 © Derek Dsouza

Some key migratory fish in India: Mahseer (Tor Spp., 8 known species); Barramundi (Lates calcarifer);  Indo pacific Tarpon (Megalops cyprinoides); Indian Shad (Tenualosa ilisha); Indian Mottled eel ( Anguilla bengalensis); Snapper (Lutjanus malabaricus / Lutjanus argentimaculatus)

7 events were celebrated in India included:

  • Bannerghatta: Rivers and Migration
  • Hyderabad: World Fish Migration Day @ Hyderabad
  • Mysore: Fishing Camp for KidsFish
  • Arunachal: Awareness at ArunachalFish
  • Bhuveshnwar: Awareness at Orissa
  • Tamilnadu: World Fish Migration Day at Chennai
  • Calcutta: Fish Awareness and Fishing Camp at Kolkatta 1

Mahseer in India

Conservation of our Rivers and endangered fishes

 Assam Bhorelli Angling and Conservation Association, Nashad Ali


4th All India Catch& Release Trout Angling Championship & Interactive Workshop

Krishan Sandhu, Kullu Trout Conservation & Angling Association



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