Good practices for fish: fish hatchery and release of Adriatic sturgeon, may 2nd

Andrea Tersigni, GRAIA

We carried out a guided tour of the Porto della Torre (VA – Italy) fish hatchery managed by the local anglers  group “FIPSAS – Varese”. Simultaneously to the visit, the young students saw the release of some Adriatic sturgeon specimens and were introduced to the importance of the re-opening of the ecological corridor Adriatic sea – Lake Lugano thanks to the fish passages recently built (Life Conflupo –, with the scope to increase the knowledge and the respect of this structure in the new generations

The Ticino river highly migratory fish, may 7th

Andrea Tersigni, GRAIA

The waters of Ticino river and have been object during this years of actions aimed to the conservation and to the re-introduction of two highly migratory fish the Adriatic sturgeon (Acipenser naccarii) and the European sturgeon (Huso huso), and of other community interest species in the sphere of two important projects: Life Conflupo ( and Life Ticino Biosource ( The Porto della Torre fish passage is placed in Somma Lombardo municipality in the province of Varese – Italy, on the Ticino river a few kilometers from Lake Maggiore. This fish passage is part of a fishways network present in the Po river basin, that thanks to the Life Conflupo project has recently seen the realization of the Isola Serafini fish passage on the Po river. This fish passage realization and the other fish passages let the reopening of the migratory route from the Adriatic sea to the upper part of the Po basin and to two big lakes: Lake Maggiore and Lake Lugano.

During this day the doors of the fish passage was opened to young students, they had a guided tour of the structure even in the monitoring room, where they directly observed pass-by fish. The students learn the importance of this structure for the highly migratory species and beyond and were really excited about this great opportunity they had.


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