Event: Patagonia San Sebastian’s Store


Event:The World Fish Migration Day in La Albufera de València

Juan Francisco, Universitat Politècnica de València

240 person attended this great event.


Event: Día de la Trucha del Nalón

Eva Garcia-Vazquez, Universidad de Oviedo


Event: El Peix Viatger

Èlia Bretxa, Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona – CERM Centre d’Estudis dels Rius Mediterranis


Pictures from the students of the school: CRA Alto Nalón, Escuela de Rioseco 2 in Asturias (Spain)

Here are some pictures of our event in Rioseco, Asturias, north of Spain


Event: Día Mundial de la Migración de los Peces: La Vida se Mueve

Carlos Marcos Primo, Confederación Hidrográfica del Duero


Columbares Association celebrates WFMD under the mark of European eel’s Project

Paz Parrondo, Asociación Columbares

This project, financed by Biodiversity Foundation, dependent of the Agriculture, Food and Environmental Ministry, the City Hall of Murcia and the Regional Department of Agriculture, Ranching and Aquaculture, has implemented a series of activities that will be developed in the Orchard of Murcia surrounding’s:

  • A presentation of the European eel’s Project and a talk about the challenges for the European eel conservation.
  • An exhibition of an educational exposition call: The European eel, Segura River and the network for watering in the Orchard of Murcia.
  • A volunteering activity about environmental restoration of an eel habitat in the watering network in the Orchard of Murcia.
  • News about an action developed for us the same week in Segura River to make the river more permeable for the European eel, easier to go up and down the river, through the installation of two eel’s ramps in a water barrier.

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