The Trails and Tribulations of Fish Passage Film

Princetonhydro, Laura Wildman

Barkhausen Waterfowl Preserve Event

TNC, Rachel van Dam

World Fish Migration Day event at Barkhausen Waterfowl Preserve in Suamico, Wisconsin, USA. 

Cambridge Science Festival for World Fish Migration Day

Matt Devine, University of Massachusetts

University of Massachusetts Amherst participated in the Cambridge Science Festival for World Fish Migration Day. We had two event tables that demonstrated the unique and complex life history of anadromous fish, and demonstrated how fisheries scientists use otoliths and other hard boney structures to to reconstruct valuable demographic information on a species.

Happy Fish of the Rockies!

Arden Brooks

1485_USA2018@Arden Brooks(1)

Gray FishTag World Fish Migration Day

Gray Fishtag Research, Jonas Masreliez

Our event took place at The Beachside Village Montessori School, Hollywood Florida, U.S.A. where we demonstrated proper fish tagging as well as some fish biology.

We were extremely pleased with the outcome of “our” WFMD event. The children were all in and we strongly believe that some of them will end up in a field of marine biology or fisheries science. ☺

Truly remarkable!!


Bells Neck event

Barnstable County, Abigail Archer

10 photos from the Bells Neck Harwich MA USA WFMD event on Saturday April 21.


Manhan Fish Ladder tour and migratory fish management

U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service event, Kenneth Sprankle

Berry College students interviews

E.C. Center, Sara Gottlieb

Celebrating WFMD in Bellingham, WA 98226

TNC, Amy Johnson

Return of Alewives to Concord River

Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust, Inc., Jane Calvin 

Fishway Open House

Town of Greenwich, Sarah Nahabedian

1183_USA2018@Sarah Nahabedian


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