South America HQ event

Museo Nacional de Historia Natural, Dagner Salvatierra

La conectividad acuática para pequeños y grandes peces migratorios

Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Bolivia, Cecilia Flores Turdera

Due to the importance of the Beni river basin for the maintenance of aquatic connectivity and reproduction of migratory fish, outreach activities will be carried out in Rurrenabaque, the main urban center of the region. Scientific talks will be given on research results of two fish migration cases in the Beni river: the migration of the chipi chipis (Trichomycterus barbouri) and the migration of the dorado (Brachyplatystoma rousseauxii), addressed to municipal authorities, representatives of the protected areas of Madidi and Pilón Lajas, fishermen, school units and the general public. Likewise, posters and stickers presenting relevant information on these species will be distributed, and a banner will be placed in the port of Rurrenabaque. Local media will be covering the event, especially the TV channel MEGA TV.

Los Colores Del Tewok

Max van de Ven

The initiative was organized in the town of Villa Montes in the Southeast of Bolivia by a local water company called EPSA MANCHACO and FAUTAPO, a national development organization, together with a local youth club of environmentalists. We named the initiative “LOS COLORES DEL TEWOK”. Tewok is the indigenous name for the Pilcomayo River, the site where the different activities took place. Besides a giant wall painting on the riverside defense walls, we organized a workshop on migratory fish with local specialists and we spread the message through various media like tv, internet, radio and newspaper.


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