Events: Celebrating Sturgeon in the Danube

Cristina Sandu, Danube Sturgeon Task Force – EUSDR – PA 06 


Besides the sturgeon policy declaration in Vienna, in Bucharest we organized an exhibition corner in the National Museum of Natural History “Grigore Antipa” for 1 month (21 April – 21 May- to reach more children) where we used your nice poster (very much appreciated!) and printed flyers (attached).  

Here are some photos from the closing event on 21 May where we had presentations, a drawing contest, role playing (kids were fish and aquatic organisms migrating in the river), and lot of fun. 

Thank you a lot for your work, you are doing an amazing job and it is great that the event is becoming more popular at worldwide level – this is the best way we can raise awareness on the fish/aquatic communities needs. 

Romania2018 © Cristina Sandu (2)Romania2018 © Cristina Sandu (1)Info Pesti Migratory Flyer – WFMD2018 Romania


Event: World Fish Migration Day din Jurilovca, Romania

Ioana Cenusa, WWF Romania


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