TURMEPA – World Fish Migration Day in Turkey

Turmepa, Serap Mutlu DURAK

We aimed to raise public awereness about the environmental pollution which threatens lifecycle of migratory fishes. Our events advocated healthy ecosystem for fishes.

TURMEPA Volunteers organized 4 coastal cleanup events at sea, lake and stream sides on 5th of May and 7th of May.

TURMEPA Coastal Cleanups in TURKEY:

Date City Area Fish Species Volunteers Number Volunteers Profile Weigh of Wastes
7th May Denizli Işıklı Lake Aphanius anatoliae 10 Primary school students 25 kg
5th May İstanbul Kilyos Pomatomus saltatrix 60 University and high school students 173 kg
5th May Van Van Lake Chalcalburnus tarichi 10 Academicians 165 kg
5th May İzmir Bulgurca Stream Chondrostoma holmwoodii 10 University students 67 kg
TOTAL: 90 TOTAL: 430 kg

All events were organized by our volunteers. All events were supported by local authorities.

All event locations were chosen by students and academicians of the Istanbul University Faculty of Aquatic Sciences.

They were also academic consultant of this project.


WFMD2018 Turkey

River and Fish Protection Group, Mustafa Korkmaz

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